4 Jan 2015


I'm so frustrated at blogspot, that has taken the bad habit of compressing to the point of destruction any photo I try to upload here. 

The alternatives now are: a) shut down my photo blog once and for all, or b) migrate the whole thing to wordpress and try to post a little more assiduously than I've done lately. This needs some thinking, and of course I'll write a post here to let you know! 

Meanwhile, my pictures will be posted on my flickr page as usual. Welcome for a visit!

30 Nov 2014

November sun

Last chance for me to post at least one thing this month...
The low November sun creates some magic out of a mossy sidewalk and a mostly uninspiring neighborhood hedge.

11 Oct 2014

Apple trees and horse chestnuts

Yes, all the summer has gone by since my latest post, and the autumn has been already here for a while. At last, the joy of taking pics has come back! Today I've been taking a look at gardens and parks downtown. Apples fall not long from their trees, and kids have been playing with horse chestnuts in the park...

25 May 2014

At a building site

In the evening light, even such a thing as a stack of rebars can look like an art installation...

20 May 2014


The sky in a raindrop on a leaf in a neglected corner of a garden, somewhere in Sweden